A Current State of Affairs

So, as most blog posts these days start out, it’s been awhile. Fweddit has been busy, Amarr has been busy, I’ve been busy. The summer lull comes to a close, and nerds return to the basement and log in to EVE once again.

An Update on Fweddit

As many of you know, I’ve recently found myself in the CEO role here at Fweddit. Mostly just by title though, as myself and the other Directors run the corporation and alliance as a team. I’ve volunteered to step up as out of all of us, I have the most time to dedicate to some of the more behind the scenes things. This allows the other Directors and our Diplomats to do what they need to do, without having to worry about some of the other not-so-fun things.

That said, we’ve got a pretty strong team now, myself as CEO, Xolve as our head Diplomat and a Director, with DurrDurrDurr (DHD from TEST) as another Diplomat, and Master Zeuth, space chikun, and Vadrin as the rest of our Board of Directors. There was an accusation going around about how inactive the leadership of Fweddit has been, so you’ll regularly see jokes from us about that, when the fact of the matter is, it’s summer. People take breaks, people take vacations, and Steam recently had it’s summer sale. Pretty much all of us could be found in Mumble playing some of the other games we picked up, mainly DayZ.

But now, we’re all back. Regular fleets of 30+ members from Fweddit and the militia, some lasting for hours as long as there are kills to be had.

We Accidentally Kourmonen

Now that some time has passed, I felt it was safe to reveal we really had no intention of taking Kourmonen. Players were returning, and there was a lack of fights to be had. We all remembered how our previous attempt had gotten some large fights out of the Minmatar, and we needed some fights to kick us off. Well, we setup camp, we moved assets, we setup fleets. Our intention was to once again, kick the hornets nest. Except this time when we did, it appeared mommy and daddy wouldn’t let the Minmatar come out to play. We noticed little resistance so we began plexing, to bring the defensive plex players out to fight. They never did. We flipped Kourmonen with minimal resistance in a matter of a few days. That action though seems to have brought the Minmatar back, because we are regularly getting some really good brawls, with a lot of kills for both sides to enjoy.

The Recent Meta Game and Gate Slide Scandal

I don’t want to waste too much of your time, or my time for that matter, on such a topic. But I felt it needed a comment. The recent state of blog posts and comments regarding faction warfare and its community are saddening. The personal attacks and slander thrown from all sides is what ruins games and turns players away. Faction Warfare has become nothing more than a mud slinging contest to see who can ruin who’s credibility and moral first. I get there is a place for meta-gaming, but this is beyond that. We’re all here to play and have a good time, and we need each other, like it or not. Without Amarr, the Minmatar would have no fights, and same for Minmatar, no Amarr, no fights. No one is going to say that faction chest beating or bragging shouldn’t happen, but the attacks at individuals and specific corporations and alliances are childish. And those doing so should be ashamed to have stooped so low.

That said, it’s time to grow the fuck up and work together to make the game we all enjoy and invest massive amounts of time a better game. Hans may not be perfect, but out of most of the CSM this year, he’s done a damn good job. I’ve talked regularly to him and he’s always listened. I’ve never had trouble getting a response or time to talk from him. You personally may not like him, and may have issues with him, but if you want to help improve Faction Warfare, he’s your link to CCP, like it or not. And let’s be clear, Hans was using the gate slide mechanic just like the rest of us. I have no idea why such a simple meta post grew into a wild fire, but I guess that proves how many people believe anything they hear and read.


Community Spotlight: Shalee Lianne

So being new to the Faction Warfare scene, I wanted to take the time to get to know the fellow leaders in the militia. If an effort to do that, and to help the community get to know everyone as well, I’m going to be doing a few interviews!
This week we’ll be talking to Shalee Lianne of the Amarr militia. A big thanks to Shalee for her time and answers!
1. What got you interested in playing EVE Online?
The short answer is that a friend of mine wouldn’t shut up about it.  He had been playing for a while and would tell me stories about it.  What sold me on it was an article he linked about Istvaan Shogaatsu and the Guiding Hand Social Club heist.  That intrigued me enough to try it.  My friend was just starting up a merc corp and recruited me to be his spy girl.  Our first contract was on the former Amarrian militia corp, PIE.  I wrote about the whole experience on my blog here.

Small Gang Logistics

As a lot of people know, Fweddit loves running around in frigate and destroyer gangs. The small ships, with their quick maneuvering, allow us to perform a type of skirmish warfare that seemed to be missing from faction warfare. We’re able to quickly jump around, and duck into Minor plexes to escape from larger fleets and ships we have no chance against.

Lately as we’ve focused on plexing (running the sites to capture systems) I’ve noticed some pretty interesting things. First off, our small gangs are completely capable of capturing larger sites, most of the time speed tanking cruisers and up as we run the sites. Last night we were doing this with a 10 man gang, capturing several Major and Outpost sites with only frigates.

Obviously while we were speed tanking, you’re bound to take some damage. After a few sites, some of us were faced with a choice, continue on, possibly damaged already if we entered a PvP battle, or return to an Amarr system to dock for repairs. While people were discussing options, I was already back in my hanger (I had stupidly gone AFK in a site with the fleet and somehow managed to take aggro, thus the NPC ships made short work of my Griffin).

What I undocked with was a slapped together Tristan, setup for remote reps. While no where near a perfect logistic ship, it had a decent cap and was fast enough to keep up with the other frigates for repairs. I met back up with the fleet and pretty successfully kept the fleet in good repair while we kept moving. Luckily I never attracted too much attention when we were engaged, but I did manage to whore on a nice Sleipnir kill.

This got me to thinking (and I know I’m not the only one), why are there no frigates, or even destroyers, with any decent logistic bonuses? Faction Warfare is the perfect playground for frigates and destroyers, and is typically the favorite ship to run around in. Even with my poor fit Tristan, I helped keep the gang going through a few sites, saving time so we didn’t have to reship or repair. Some type of logistic frigate would be perfect for our gangs, increasing our survivability greatly. Yes, I know there are bonuses to cruisers, which are still pretty agile, but these ships can’t enter the sites that frigates can! If you’re in a cruiser and your frigate gang has to duck into a minor plex, you’re stuck alone.

I plan on continuing to tweak and fit some small scale logistic frigates just for fun, but it would be awesome in the re-balancing of frigates if there was one with even some small logistic bonuses. Maybe for the winter expansion when the next batch of frigate updates comes? Here’s to hoping!

The Capture of Kurniainen and Oyeman

It’s been a busy day over at Fweddit. The Amarr militia has managed to secure two additional systems today from Minmatar hands. Fweddit was able to pull some big numbers today and help push the systems over the edge.


Earlier after downtime our fleets entered Kurniainen and began to run the sites around the system, bringing the i-hub to critical and allowing militia fleets to begin bombardment of the structure.

While missiles and rounds impacted the massive station, a lone Pilgrim dropped out of warp and immediately lit a cyno near the i-hub. There was a pause on comms as everyone tried to figure out if it was a friendly cyno. A few corporations in the Amarr militia have fielded capitals before, so this was nothing new. But as the cyno opened, a massive super-capital fleet from NCdot dropped directly onto the i-hub and began opening up with smartbombs.

A of us went down, but many were able to warp to safe spots throughout the system. After NCdot trolled local and got tired, they began filtering out, allowing us to return to our i-hub bash party. Within a few minutes Kurniainen was ours.


It began with a small fleet just out looking for a fight, but as people continued to filter in, the different squads started running sites around Oyeman. When it was tipped over 95%, the decision was made to rush it and capture the system before the night was over.

The fleet roamed around, with numbers in corp reaching over 80 members, most in fleet or running supplies to the front lines. Surprisingly, the Amarr were met with very little resistance. Mitari milita was full of reports that greatly exaggerated our numbers, most likely keeping away anyone from peaking in on us.

As the last few sites were ran, cruisers began to gather on the i-hub, ready to open up the moment the system went vulnerable. As the last few Fweddit fleets captured their sites, corporation leaders prepared for the i-hub bash. With that, the last minor complex dropped, and guns were free on the i-hub.

Again, a cyno was opened, but this time we were sure it was friendly. As the cyno field opened, several dreadnaughts appeared on the field and began to siege the i-hub. With the massive firepower upon it, the shields and armor crumbled, and once again, Oyeman was ours.

Fweddit: The Beginnings

Quick, a first history lesson on Fweddit and how it came to be.

If you don’t know, Fweddit is formed exclusively by reddit users. Fweddit began as an idea when CCP announced the massive changes to Faction Warfare and the mechanics surrounding it. The idea was simple, big changes were coming, and those of /r/eve wanted to experience these changes firsthand. The ideas were thrown around , and after there was enough interest established, it was decided that a new corporation would be formed by redditors that would focus exclusively on Faction Warfare.

Just mere hours after the initial post went up, users were pouring in with ideas and support. What would the name be? Which faction would they join? Who would lead this undertaking? A few brave souls decided to band together to undertake what would later lead to anything bigger than anyone had imagined. Within a short while, Fweddit (FW0RT) was formed in game and the subredd, /r/fweddit, was formed.

Within days, the corporation was growing and off to a great start. With a generous donation from TEST leadership, members were able to jump right into the action in fully fit ships, without having to worry about logistics and finances. The corporation continued to receive application after application, sometimes several per minute during peak game times.

Fweddit continued to grow, and after just ten days of existence, hit the 200 member mark. Just four days later it would pass all Faction Warfare corporations to become the largest faction warfare corps in the EVE universe. At the time of this post, Fweddit sits at 382 members with new applications coming in still. We’ve grown so large we’re bigger than the largest alliances in Faction Warfare.

No one saw this coming. We started as a small group, that wanted to check out a few changes CCP was making. We’re now pushing 400 members and sending fleets out all times of the day. Along with the other Amarr militia, we’ve helped capture two systems for Amarr, after a rough four months of the Minmatar pushing deep into Amarr space.