The Capture of Kurniainen and Oyeman

It’s been a busy day over at Fweddit. The Amarr militia has managed to secure two additional systems today from Minmatar hands. Fweddit was able to pull some big numbers today and help push the systems over the edge.


Earlier after downtime our fleets entered Kurniainen and began to run the sites around the system, bringing the i-hub to critical and allowing militia fleets to begin bombardment of the structure.

While missiles and rounds impacted the massive station, a lone Pilgrim dropped out of warp and immediately lit a cyno near the i-hub. There was a pause on comms as everyone tried to figure out if it was a friendly cyno. A few corporations in the Amarr militia have fielded capitals before, so this was nothing new. But as the cyno opened, a massive super-capital fleet from NCdot dropped directly onto the i-hub and began opening up with smartbombs.

A of us went down, but many were able to warp to safe spots throughout the system. After NCdot trolled local and got tired, they began filtering out, allowing us to return to our i-hub bash party. Within a few minutes Kurniainen was ours.


It began with a small fleet just out looking for a fight, but as people continued to filter in, the different squads started running sites around Oyeman. When it was tipped over 95%, the decision was made to rush it and capture the system before the night was over.

The fleet roamed around, with numbers in corp reaching over 80 members, most in fleet or running supplies to the front lines. Surprisingly, the Amarr were met with very little resistance. Mitari milita was full of reports that greatly exaggerated our numbers, most likely keeping away anyone from peaking in on us.

As the last few sites were ran, cruisers began to gather on the i-hub, ready to open up the moment the system went vulnerable. As the last few Fweddit fleets captured their sites, corporation leaders prepared for the i-hub bash. With that, the last minor complex dropped, and guns were free on the i-hub.

Again, a cyno was opened, but this time we were sure it was friendly. As the cyno field opened, several dreadnaughts appeared on the field and began to siege the i-hub. With the massive firepower upon it, the shields and armor crumbled, and once again, Oyeman was ours.


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