Community Spotlight: Shalee Lianne

So being new to the Faction Warfare scene, I wanted to take the time to get to know the fellow leaders in the militia. If an effort to do that, and to help the community get to know everyone as well, I’m going to be doing a few interviews!
This week we’ll be talking to Shalee Lianne of the Amarr militia. A big thanks to Shalee for her time and answers!
1. What got you interested in playing EVE Online?
The short answer is that a friend of mine wouldn’t shut up about it.  He had been playing for a while and would tell me stories about it.  What sold me on it was an article he linked about Istvaan Shogaatsu and the Guiding Hand Social Club heist.  That intrigued me enough to try it.  My friend was just starting up a merc corp and recruited me to be his spy girl.  Our first contract was on the former Amarrian militia corp, PIE.  I wrote about the whole experience on my blog here.