A Current State of Affairs

So, as most blog posts these days start out, it’s been awhile. Fweddit has been busy, Amarr has been busy, I’ve been busy. The summer lull comes to a close, and nerds return to the basement and log in to EVE once again.

An Update on Fweddit

As many of you know, I’ve recently found myself in the CEO role here at Fweddit. Mostly just by title though, as myself and the other Directors run the corporation and alliance as a team. I’ve volunteered to step up as out of all of us, I have the most time to dedicate to some of the more behind the scenes things. This allows the other Directors and our Diplomats to do what they need to do, without having to worry about some of the other not-so-fun things.

That said, we’ve got a pretty strong team now, myself as CEO, Xolve as our head Diplomat and a Director, with DurrDurrDurr (DHD from TEST) as another Diplomat, and Master Zeuth, space chikun, and Vadrin as the rest of our Board of Directors. There was an accusation going around about how inactive the leadership of Fweddit has been, so you’ll regularly see jokes from us about that, when the fact of the matter is, it’s summer. People take breaks, people take vacations, and Steam recently had it’s summer sale. Pretty much all of us could be found in Mumble playing some of the other games we picked up, mainly DayZ.

But now, we’re all back. Regular fleets of 30+ members from Fweddit and the militia, some lasting for hours as long as there are kills to be had.

We Accidentally Kourmonen

Now that some time has passed, I felt it was safe to reveal we really had no intention of taking Kourmonen. Players were returning, and there was a lack of fights to be had. We all remembered how our previous attempt had gotten some large fights out of the Minmatar, and we needed some fights to kick us off. Well, we setup camp, we moved assets, we setup fleets. Our intention was to once again, kick the hornets nest. Except this time when we did, it appeared mommy and daddy wouldn’t let the Minmatar come out to play. We noticed little resistance so we began plexing, to bring the defensive plex players out to fight. They never did. We flipped Kourmonen with minimal resistance in a matter of a few days. That action though seems to have brought the Minmatar back, because we are regularly getting some really good brawls, with a lot of kills for both sides to enjoy.

The Recent Meta Game and Gate Slide Scandal

I don’t want to waste too much of your time, or my time for that matter, on such a topic. But I felt it needed a comment. The recent state of blog posts and comments regarding faction warfare and its community are saddening. The personal attacks and slander thrown from all sides is what ruins games and turns players away. Faction Warfare has become nothing more than a mud slinging contest to see who can ruin who’s credibility and moral first. I get there is a place for meta-gaming, but this is beyond that. We’re all here to play and have a good time, and we need each other, like it or not. Without Amarr, the Minmatar would have no fights, and same for Minmatar, no Amarr, no fights. No one is going to say that faction chest beating or bragging shouldn’t happen, but the attacks at individuals and specific corporations and alliances are childish. And those doing so should be ashamed to have stooped so low.

That said, it’s time to grow the fuck up and work together to make the game we all enjoy and invest massive amounts of time a better game. Hans may not be perfect, but out of most of the CSM this year, he’s done a damn good job. I’ve talked regularly to him and he’s always listened. I’ve never had trouble getting a response or time to talk from him. You personally may not like him, and may have issues with him, but if you want to help improve Faction Warfare, he’s your link to CCP, like it or not. And let’s be clear, Hans was using the gate slide mechanic just like the rest of us. I have no idea why such a simple meta post grew into a wild fire, but I guess that proves how many people believe anything they hear and read.


6 responses to “A Current State of Affairs

  1. Because DDD’s simple meta-post was submitted to E-O Forums and Reddit (and who knows elsewhere), and in it he calls for Hans resignation. That’s why it got me upset. Hans has been an awesome FW representative, and for DDD to drag his name through the mud was unconscionable.

    • It may have been. And I wasn’t saying it wasn’t. I’m laying blame on both sides. The state of posts and comments from all sides lately has been pitiful. It’s a two way road, and the mud is flying both ways.

  2. I find it rather odd to hear FWeddit of all people asking people to grow up and be mature. If that is the case, can FWeddit please stop being full of racist, sexist, foul mouthed, anti-semitic, ASCII penis posting psychopaths?

    • Perhaps if you took the time to get to know the core group of Fweddit, you’d change your mind. Sure we spam local and talk trash in game, but Mumble, corp chat, and alliance chat are all fairly clean and on topic. We’re really a good group of people when you don’t judge us through local chat.

      I’m sure the rest of the Amarr militia would agree with me. Sure, we have a few that are a bit out there, but show me another group of 700 people that doesn’t.

      • I agree that every large group has their share of crazies. The difference is the rest of us kick those people from corp, but you guys idolize them as something for everyone to emulate.

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