Fweddit: The Beginnings

Quick, a first history lesson on Fweddit and how it came to be.

If you don’t know, Fweddit is formed exclusively by reddit users. Fweddit began as an idea when CCP announced the massive changes to Faction Warfare and the mechanics surrounding it. The idea was simple, big changes were coming, and those of /r/eve wanted to experience these changes firsthand. The ideas were thrown around , and after there was enough interest established, it was decided that a new corporation would be formed by redditors that would focus exclusively on Faction Warfare.

Just mere hours after the initial post went up, users were pouring in with ideas and support. What would the name be? Which faction would they join? Who would lead this undertaking? A few brave souls decided to band together to undertake what would later lead to anything bigger than anyone had imagined. Within a short while, Fweddit (FW0RT) was formed in game and the subredd, /r/fweddit, was formed.

Within days, the corporation was growing and off to a great start. With a generous donation from TEST leadership, members were able to jump right into the action in fully fit ships, without having to worry about logistics and finances. The corporation continued to receive application after application, sometimes several per minute during peak game times.

Fweddit continued to grow, and after just ten days of existence, hit the 200 member mark. Just four days later it would pass all Faction Warfare corporations to become the largest faction warfare corps in the EVE universe. At the time of this post, Fweddit sits at 382 members with new applications coming in still. We’ve grown so large we’re bigger than the largest alliances in Faction Warfare.

No one saw this coming. We started as a small group, that wanted to check out a few changes CCP was making. We’re now pushing 400 members and sending fleets out all times of the day. Along with the other Amarr militia, we’ve helped capture two systems for Amarr, after a rough four months of the Minmatar pushing deep into Amarr space.