Small Gang Logistics

As a lot of people know, Fweddit loves running around in frigate and destroyer gangs. The small ships, with their quick maneuvering, allow us to perform a type of skirmish warfare that seemed to be missing from faction warfare. We’re able to quickly jump around, and duck into Minor plexes to escape from larger fleets and ships we have no chance against.

Lately as we’ve focused on plexing (running the sites to capture systems) I’ve noticed some pretty interesting things. First off, our small gangs are completely capable of capturing larger sites, most of the time speed tanking cruisers and up as we run the sites. Last night we were doing this with a 10 man gang, capturing several Major and Outpost sites with only frigates.

Obviously while we were speed tanking, you’re bound to take some damage. After a few sites, some of us were faced with a choice, continue on, possibly damaged already if we entered a PvP battle, or return to an Amarr system to dock for repairs. While people were discussing options, I was already back in my hanger (I had stupidly gone AFK in a site with the fleet and somehow managed to take aggro, thus the NPC ships made short work of my Griffin).

What I undocked with was a slapped together Tristan, setup for remote reps. While no where near a perfect logistic ship, it had a decent cap and was fast enough to keep up with the other frigates for repairs. I met back up with the fleet and pretty successfully kept the fleet in good repair while we kept moving. Luckily I never attracted too much attention when we were engaged, but I did manage to whore on a nice Sleipnir kill.

This got me to thinking (and I know I’m not the only one), why are there no frigates, or even destroyers, with any decent logistic bonuses? Faction Warfare is the perfect playground for frigates and destroyers, and is typically the favorite ship to run around in. Even with my poor fit Tristan, I helped keep the gang going through a few sites, saving time so we didn’t have to reship or repair. Some type of logistic frigate would be perfect for our gangs, increasing our survivability greatly. Yes, I know there are bonuses to cruisers, which are still pretty agile, but these ships can’t enter the sites that frigates can! If you’re in a cruiser and your frigate gang has to duck into a minor plex, you’re stuck alone.

I plan on continuing to tweak and fit some small scale logistic frigates just for fun, but it would be awesome in the re-balancing of frigates if there was one with even some small logistic bonuses. Maybe for the winter expansion when the next batch of frigate updates comes? Here’s to hoping!